A different guide for wannabe aviation engineers and pro pilots

At Flightglobal’s Career Portal we have posted a new guide for people who are attracted by the idea of becoming aviation engineers or professional pilots, whether civil or military, combined with advertised jobs for experienced aviation people looking for a new job.

The idea is to provide a one-stop shop containing jobs and careers advice. The site also contains links direct to the latest Flightglobal stories on operations (including accidents and incidents), training, and recruiting, and also to our “Working Week” section, in which people working in the industry tell us what it’s like for them.

The careers advice is brief and generic, but I would welcome polite, constructive feedback. The guides are intended to help the dreamers filter themselves out from the serious wannabes. Those who are still raring to go having read the advice can usefully start approaching FTOs or airlines. That’s the stage when the hard detail kicks in, but at least it won’t be a shock when it does.

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