Just an ordinary accident?

I never thought I’d be relieved to hear that an airline accident was probably an “ordinary” one.

But after the trauma (no, it is not too strong a word) of Malaysia Airlines’ double misfortune, early information about the Air Algerie/Swiftair Boeing MD-83 indicates its crash cause is likely to be related to bad weather at night.

Remember that after it went missing it took a day or so to locate the wreckage in this remote area not far north of the Burkina Faso border, and the accident has occurred over a region that is not actually a conflict zone but cannot be described as totally stable either. So the media was getting ready for another MH370 or MH17, and all their questions directed to Flightglobal indicated that.

Fortunately this accident site was soon located, the recorders have been recovered, and information indicates that the causes of this new accident are likely to be more “ordinary”.

And it’s worth noting that our analysis of global airline safety in the first half of this year is extraordinarily good news.

The insatiability of the 24h news system is driving us all to paranoia.

They know paranoia is good for ratings.

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