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Something to think about on final approach

As I noted in the previous entry about the findings of our airline safety review at the half-way point in 2013, runway excursions remain the most popular accident. No world region appears to be immune, although some are particularly good at it. A study published early this year by the Netherlands-based NLR Aviation Safety Institute […]

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Airline safety results for January-June 2013

Airline safety globally has been very good in the first half of 2013 compared with the same period in previous years. The number of fatal accidents equals the lowest ever, and the number of actual fatalities is less than half the previous lowest figure. The full figures and safety analysis, together with a detailed list […]

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How not to bust your helicopter

Practice autorotations cause a huge number of accidents during helicopter pilot training, and lots of helicopters are written off like this. Low-cost simulation will, hopefully, reduce the rate of occurrence, but while we’re waiting for the industry to wise-up to this, the International Helicopter Safety Team has issued a reminder about how to carry out […]

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That 787 fire: what to look for

The FAA is shortly to issue an airworthiness directive requiring checks of Boeing 787 emergency locator transmitters and the area surrounding them. It was close to the ELT in the cabin ceiling that a fire broke out in an Ethiopian Airlines 787 at Heathrow on 12 July (see previous blog entry). The FAA will advise […]

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That 787 fire at Heathrow: what now?

The 12 July fire in a parked, unattended Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787 on a remote stand at Heathrow wasn’t associated with one of the aircraft’s two main battery power packs this time, according to an Air Accident Investigation Branch Special Bulletin on the event. But it does seem likely that a rather smaller lithium battery […]

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