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The A320 series: how time flies

It’s 25 years since the Airbus A320 entered service, and it has done for Airbus what the iPod did for Apple.  Read all about the A320 at its 25th birthday (you have to be a member of the FG Club, but that costs nothing except a few seconds to register) In honour of the occasion, […]

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That last BA 757 flight in G-CPET

Capt Chris Smith, BA’s most experienced 757 captain (All pictures by Nick Morrish/British Airways)   It’s Saturday 30 October, about 1715 local time on the ramp at London Heathrow, and Capt Chris Smith is taking a picture of the aeroplane he’s just about to fly to Edinburgh and back. He’s in charge of the very last […]

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Last flight of BA’s last 757

G-CPET is the aircraft that will carry out  the last scheduled British Airways Boeing 757 revenue flight, and the timetable below charts its last working day on Saturday 30 October: BA1384 Heathrow to Manchester departing 0745 arriving 0840 BA1389 Manchester to Heathrow departing 1000 arriving 1105 BA1482 Heathrow to Glasgow departing 1215 arriving 1340 BA1487 Glasgow to Heathrow departing at 1425 and […]

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