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Europe trembles as Iceland shudders

In April 2010 an Icelandic volcano – Eyjafjallajokull - famously shut down European aviation for nearly a week. Now Bárðarbunga threatens. This is what the Icelandic Meteorogical Office has to say about it: “Since the onset of the earthquake swarm at Bárðarbunga on Saturday [16 August] morning, around 2,600 earthquakes have been detected with the earthquake monitoring […]

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EZY’s ash cache

EasyJet has just airfreighted – to a test centre at Airbus Toulouse – a tonne of Icelandic volcanic ash, collected by the Institute of Earth Sciences, Reykjavik.  The ash, with a consistency like fine talcum powder – but very harmful to airframes and jet engines – will be used in an airborne experiment planned for […]

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The A320 series: how time flies

It’s 25 years since the Airbus A320 entered service, and it has done for Airbus what the iPod did for Apple.  Read all about the A320 at its 25th birthday (you have to be a member of the FG Club, but that costs nothing except a few seconds to register) In honour of the occasion, […]

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Virtual first flights for the A350

Airbus revealed today that the test-bed A350XWB – known as “aircraft zero” – has started its vrtual first flight(VFF) programme, which the manufacturer describes as “a key step in the final preparation for the actual first flightof aircraft MSN 1 [manufacturer serial No 1] by the middle of this year”. “Aircraft zero” is, in its […]

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Learning to fly the A350XWB at Toulouse

If you go to Airbus for your A350XWB type rating training, you’ll have some fun. Officially. Since modern aeroplanes are racks of computers surrounded by an airframe that’s actually just an ordinary aircraft, Airbus has studied the way  in which people – especially children- learn to operate a  new electronic device, and modified its A350 […]

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