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Where now for future pilots?

Pilots have been coming in for a lot of stick since the loss of AF447 in 2009, not helped much by more recent events like the Asiana 777 crash on landing at San Francisco last year. It seems some pilots simply don’t watch the basics any more: airspeed, attitude, power. The automatic systems are so […]

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The ECA, the MPL and the CPL

After I stated my reservations (see blog entry beneath this one) about the European Cockpit Association’s approach to the multi-crew pilot licence (MPL), the ECA wrote to me about it. I asked their permission to publish their letter and they agreed, so here it is: “We have read with great interest your latest blog on […]

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FAA plans for better airline pilot training. Hallelujah!

The US FAA is co-opting the American airline industry to do some brainstorming on the evident shortcomings in pilot performance, and then to come up with ideas for how training should be updated to improve it. Hallelujah! If you glance through this blog, you will find that eight out of ten of the items in […]

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Learning to fly the A350XWB at Toulouse

If you go to Airbus for your A350XWB type rating training, you’ll have some fun. Officially. Since modern aeroplanes are racks of computers surrounded by an airframe that’s actually just an ordinary aircraft, Airbus has studied the way  in which people – especially children- learn to operate a  new electronic device, and modified its A350 […]

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