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Boris Island is not dead yet, but Heathrow will get a new runway and Gatwick may get one as well

The widely leaked news that the proposed “inner Thames estuary airport” has been dropped from the UK government’s Airport Commission’s shortlist has surprised nobody, because the decision was foreshadowed in the Commission’s interim report in December last year. The only options remaining on the Commission’s shortlist are extra runways at London Heathrow and/or Gatwick. Meanwhile, […]

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Analyst calls for UK politicians to declare airport support

As the Airport Commission approaches its conclusions and a general election looms, the City of London wants political party leaders to declare their hand now on airports policy in the new government. James Stamp, KPMG’s head of transport puts it particularly clearly: “We welcome the progress being made by the Airports Commission. However, we believe […]

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Heathrow it is, then

This debate about runway capacity in the UK’s South East is endless and wearying, and it hasn’t finished yet. Not by a long chalk. And delay is the problem. Put “Heathrow” into the “search” facility for this blog and you will find I have always said that the longer it takes for a decision to […]

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