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Not an ordinary crash

Maybe there is no such thing as an ordinary aircraft crash, but the Tatarstan Air Boeing 737-500 accident at Kazan was certainly not ordinary. The instrument landing system was available for the approach, and all present assumptions are that the crew was using it. But the crew decision to go around was made on the […]

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The toxic subject that won’t die

Two television stations, one German and one Swiss, have begun their own investigation in the face of consistent denials by airlines that passengers and crew are routinely exposed to neurotoxins, and have proved that it is true. I have blogged about this before. And we have investigated the subject ourselves and found it to be […]

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Nigel learns to fly

At last Europe is waking up to the fact that recurrent training designed for the age of Stratocruisers and Super Connies has precious little relevance for today’s airline pilot. Remember engine runups before take-off?…relying on the curvature of the earth to get airborne?…and having four engines to cross the pond because you normally arrived with only three still […]

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