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Just an ordinary accident?

I never thought I’d be relieved to hear that an airline accident was probably an “ordinary” one. But after the trauma (no, it is not too strong a word) of Malaysia Airlines’ double misfortune, early information about the Air Algerie/Swiftair Boeing MD-83 indicates its crash cause is likely to be related to bad weather at […]

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What you expect to see

If there’s one question about the BA 777 St Kitts short runway take-off I would like to have answered, it would be this: I know that there is a psychological tendency for pilots to see what they expect to see, but when the crew were arriving onto runway 07 from the south side, turning right […]

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The A380 shows off Airbus’ clever new kit

This group has just disembarked after a 27 May A380 flight from Airbus’ Toulouse base. The flight was mounted to demonstrate two really clever and seriously useful avionic advances that Airbus is just about to see certificated. One will make airborne collision a little less likely, the other will prevent runway overruns. Overruns are the most common type of aircraft accident, and one of the most […]

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Nigel learns to fly

At last Europe is waking up to the fact that recurrent training designed for the age of Stratocruisers and Super Connies has precious little relevance for today’s airline pilot. Remember engine runups before take-off?…relying on the curvature of the earth to get airborne?…and having four engines to cross the pond because you normally arrived with only three still […]

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Boeing pushing boundaries

Boeing always pushes boundaries. It’s a way of life.  The “can do” spirit, and the preparedness to take the risk that the company might not be able to deliver on a new and ambitious objective is impressive. The company frequently succeeds. The latest example of this characteristic I have in mind is Boeing’s plans for 787 pilot training. The manufacturer says […]

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