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MH17 – the unveiling begins

Flight MH17 was brought down by an external explosion which precipitated the structural break-up of the Boeing 777-200, according to the preliminary report of the accident investigator. The fuselage, particularly near the flightdeck, was extensively punctured by “high energy objects” that entered from outside, says the report. The flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder […]

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Pilot fatigue: the battle is over but the war still rages

Today the European Union, at its Parliament, agreed on a set of ┬ápan-European flight time limitations for airline pilots after more than ten years of intense wrangling. The pilots don’t like it, the airlines do. Science went out the window early on in the debate, which in the end was a matter of politics as […]

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UK CAA catches up with Learmount

To be fair, it didn’t take them long, and they must have been working on it already. I’m talking about the Civil Aviation Authority’s new training aid on the underrated art of monitoring the performance of the other pilot on the flight deck. Two blog entries before this one (starting with “…all the way to […]

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