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Piloting the shortest hop

After 24 years of linking remote communities in Scotland and its islands, Loganair pilot Stuart Linklater flew the shortest scheduled airline route in the world for the last time on Sunday, 26 May. He’s retiring to fly part-time for the airline out of Glasgow. Stuart has flown the world’s shortest route - between the Orkney islands […]

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Airbus automation: is enough enough?

Airbus is considering automating another pilot function when it introduces the A350. Highly automated aircraft include all the airline types rolling off all production lines today. But Airbus, a child of the digital age, is often tagged as being even more automated than Boeing. This perceived difference generates a lot of heat - but very little light – among […]

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Safety and politics don’t mix

European transport commissioner Antonio Tajani and several French politicians have seen fit to pronounce on aviation safety in the wake of the Yemenia Airbus A310 accident in a way that reflects a distressing degree of nationalistic prejudice.   Without any knowledge of what caused the Yemenia accident, they have clearly pre-judged the carrier as not […]

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