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NATS’ clever invention will reduce delay at LHR

UK air navigation service provider NATS has just achieved a “world first” by winning approval to operate time-based aircraft separation on runway approaches at London Heathrow airport. So what? Well, if your airport is not operating at full capacity, this doesn’t provide you with much of an advantage. But if, like Heathrow, you are operating […]

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Flying backwards

In 1968 a Hawker Siddeley Trident was certificated to fly a category II autoland, permitting landing in fog with some forward visibility. By 1975 it had been cleared for category IIIB, which means it could land completely blind, and the exercise was only limited by the fact that the pilot needed sufficient visibility to taxi […]

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AF447 and the loss of control epidemic

Including Air France flight 447, there have been twelve fatal loss-of-control airline accidents since the year 2000.   Altogether, they have killed 1,394 people.   The common factor in all of them was pilot inability to recognise what was happening and to do something effective about it in time to save the aircraft.   So […]

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Another one in the sea at night

With the loss of the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-800 offshore from Beirut on 25 January, the phenomenon of fundamentally serviceable aircraft – and all their passengers – being lost over the sea at night is becoming frightening. I have put this issue under the spotlight before. Here’s a list of the main airline losses in this category since 2000. There […]

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Do we do nothing if AF 447 remains a mystery?

It is still possible that the AF 447 recorders will be found. But if they never are, can the industry afford not to explore what is likely to have happened, rather than what is merely possible? The list of theoretical possibilities is, at present, so long that an assumption by the industry that any of them might have […]

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