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Toxic cabin air: will the industry act now?

British Airways may be centre stage for this week’s report on a case of pilot and cabin crew terminal illness, but cabin air contamination is an industry-wide problem and not related to a specific airline or aircraft type. As more and more pilots and cabin crew come forward with manifestations of organophosphate-induced neurotoxicity (OPIN), it […]

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How to be safer than very safe

Today’s generation of modern jet airliners has achieved a historic safety performance high of less than one fatal accident in ten million flights, according to Harry Nelson, adviser to Airbus’ head of product safety. The challenge now, said Nelson, is to determine what can be done to improve even further. This ratio – one in 10-7 - […]

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The Light Blues

First Officer Victoria Auld of Flybe has become the first pilot in UK to be presented with a Multi-crew Pilot Licence. Holding the first UK MPL On 12 November 2010, the Civil Aviation Authority’s Head of Approved Training Organisations, Licencing and Training Roy Burden delivered the first six UK Multi-Crew Pilot Licences to Flybe for presentation to newly graduated Bombardier Q400 […]

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Digital versus delightful

What makes manufacturers who are considering a new aircraft choose fly-by-wire or traditional control systems, sidestick or control yoke? Of course, for a big-jet it’s no contest any longer: it’ll be FBW, but there will still be a wrangle over the pilot’s cockpit control. Most planned new business jets and some of the latest regional […]

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Beyond pilot training

With its free-of-charge Safety Standdown seminars at Wichitaw and EBACE Geneva, Bombardier takes civil pilots into realms way beyond the “aviate, navigate, communicate” arts of flying they are traditionally exposed to. You have to go to one to find out what I mean, because you don’t know what you don’t know until somebody shows you. […]

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Uneasy about airline safety

Last year’s safety figures confirmed a trend that was becoming established over the last five years: airline safety has stopped improving, something it never did before since the Wright Brothers. This year’s serious occurrences show no sign that this is changing for the better. Another unwelcome fact is that more accidents are happening to aircraft registered in a country […]

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Colgan 3407, icing, and turboprops

Early information released by the US National Transportation Safety Board about the Colgan Air Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 that crashed on approach to Buffalo on 12 February made it look as if the agency had more or less decided that icing was the cause. This is definitely no longer so. Icing now looks like just one factor – maybe […]

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