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A surge in public interest

After witnesses near London Heathrow saw a British Airways Airbus A319 suffer what looked and sounded like an engine failure soon after take-off in the evening of 6 March, there was, perhaps predictably, a lot of media publicity given to the event. The airline subsequently confirmed that one of the aircraft’s engines had “surged”, and […]

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Heathrow it is, then

This debate about runway capacity in the UK’s South East is endless and wearying, and it hasn’t finished yet. Not by a long chalk. And delay is the problem. Put “Heathrow” into the “search” facility for this blog and you will find I have always said that the longer it takes for a decision to […]

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Flying backwards

In 1968 a Hawker Siddeley Trident was certificated to fly a category II autoland, permitting landing in fog with some forward visibility. By 1975 it had been cleared for category IIIB, which means it could land completely blind, and the exercise was only limited by the fact that the pilot needed sufficient visibility to taxi […]

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