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QF32 and information overload

Airbus described the situation the QF32 crew faced after the uncontained engine failure as “dynamic”. That’s accurate insofar as it goes, but rather an understatement. The obvious and immediate effects, like asymmetric thrust and aerodynamic damage, were dealt with by the autopilot, which remained engaged and the Qantas A380 crew elected to keep it that way until […]

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What the Qantas crew had left to fly with

An Airbus information telex (AIT) to all A380 operators was dispatched by the manufacturer on 17 November informing them, basically, of what the crew of flight QF32 had to deal with when their No 2 Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine suffered an uncontained engine failure. Provided to Flight International by an industry source, the AIT is intended to inform […]

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Air scares

So Qantas had a sudden decompression a few weeks ago, and now a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 has just suffered one. Sudden decompression is one of the two types of event that can occur on any passenger flight that are certain to scare the hell out of almost anybody on board, even though they normally contain little or […]

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Qantas 747′s sudden decompression: it could have been worse

Qantas’ Boeing 747-400 is not, by any means the first aircraft to survive damage to its pressure hull. The damage, in this case, however, is minor compared with what others have suffered and still landed safely. In 1989 a United Airlines 747-100 climbing out of Honolulu bound for en route for Auckland suffered the dramatic […]

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