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Analyst calls for UK politicians to declare airport support

As the Airport Commission approaches its conclusions and a general election looms, the City of London wants political party leaders to declare their hand now on airports policy in the new government. James Stamp, KPMG’s head of transport puts it particularly clearly: “We welcome the progress being made by the Airports Commission. However, we believe […]

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AF447 and the loss of control epidemic

Including Air France flight 447, there have been twelve fatal loss-of-control airline accidents since the year 2000.   Altogether, they have killed 1,394 people.   The common factor in all of them was pilot inability to recognise what was happening and to do something effective about it in time to save the aircraft.   So […]

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Civvy rookie outperforms hoary military fliers

“Thousands of hours of flying doesn’t necessarily make a good pilot. It’s just proof of survival – a relatively easy thing to achieve in today’s reliable aircraft.” I argued that in a previous blog about pilot training standards. Boeing has provided one little boost for that theory (I would argue it’s a fact), having carried […]

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