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Norway wants to stop “brutal” employment practices for crews

Norway’s Ministry of Transport and Communications is preparing a report on the effects of commercial air transport globalisation and the “fragmentation” of airline structures within the European economic area and globally. This will include a study of “atypical employment practices” within the industry, according to State Secretary for Transport and Communications Tom Cato Karlsen. Speaking […]

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Self-employment: the model for future European pilots?

About 14% of pilots flying for European airlines are self-employed or work for temporary work agencies (TWA), according to a European Commission funded study by the University of Ghent, which says that proportion is growing. The first conference held to examine this social phenomenon is being held in Paris on 12-13 February. It will be […]

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Pilot mercenaries

There’s definitely a place in the industry for contract crews, whether they are pilots or maintenance engineers. But when an airline requires its permanent, home-based pilots to be self-employed and uses an agency to carry out the rather vestigial remaining Human Resources function, it is reasonable to ask what kind of a relationship the pilots […]

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