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MH17 – the unveiling begins

Flight MH17 was brought down by an external explosion which precipitated the structural break-up of the Boeing 777-200, according to the preliminary report of the accident investigator. The fuselage, particularly near the flightdeck, was extensively punctured by “high energy objects” that entered from outside, says the report. The flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder […]

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If we had been able to track MH370…

Let’s go back to 8 March and start again from the point where the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 radar return disappears from ATC screens as the transponder is deactivated, then turns west from its north-easterly heading. This sequence, using what little is known about the 777′s behaviour that night, is intended to show that a […]

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The flight path of the MH370 story

It was about 01:30 local time on Saturday 8 March that the secondary radar return of flight MH370 no longer painted on Kuala Lumpur radar screens, and no-one at the Vietnamese ATC centre at Ho Chi Minh City that was expecting to take over surveillance responsibility for it could see them either. A week later, […]

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