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MH17 – the unveiling begins

Flight MH17 was brought down by an external explosion which precipitated the structural break-up of the Boeing 777-200, according to the preliminary report of the accident investigator. The fuselage, particularly near the flightdeck, was extensively punctured by “high energy objects” that entered from outside, says the report. The flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder […]

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Holiday flight guide to hijacks, intercepts and bomb threats

Qatar Airways flight QR23 from Doha to Manchester, UK was just an ordinary flight until it was quite close to its destination. At that point the window passengers in the Airbus A330 noticed that the flight had been intercepted by an RAF Typhoon fighter. It was shadowing them in loose formation. QR23′s crew had been […]

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Lessons from MH17

UPDATED: 25 July 2014 at 16:41 GMT   The loss of flight MH17 is not about Malaysia ­Airlines. It’s a particularly cruel irony that this carrier has lost a second Boeing 777 with everybody on board – again apparently through no fault of its own. If this disaster is confirmed as the unintentional shoot-down it […]

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