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Norwegian and Ryanair for pilots

  Widespread confusion about Norwegian Air Shuttle’s pilot employment contracting processes has been raising temperatures at flightcrew associations in Europe for more than a year, and is now having the same effect at American pilot unions since the company recently applied for transatlantic services. I’ve just returned from the 8-9 April Flyoperativt Forum at  Oslo […]

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Pilot mercenaries

There’s definitely a place in the industry for contract crews, whether they are pilots or maintenance engineers. But when an airline requires its permanent, home-based pilots to be self-employed and uses an agency to carry out the rather vestigial remaining Human Resources function, it is reasonable to ask what kind of a relationship the pilots […]

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EZY’s ash cache

EasyJet has just airfreighted – to a test centre at Airbus Toulouse – a tonne of Icelandic volcanic ash, collected by the Institute of Earth Sciences, Reykjavik.  The ash, with a consistency like fine talcum powder – but very harmful to airframes and jet engines – will be used in an airborne experiment planned for […]

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