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Learn to fly an A350

Airbus’ “learning by discovery” concept entails putting pilots into the A350 full flight simulator to experiment with the full range of aircraft manual handling characteristics far earlier in the type rating course than would traditionally have been done. And experimenting is genuinely encouraged. Director of A350 flight operations and training support Capt Christian Norden gave me […]

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MPL mythbusters

The multi-crew pilot licence (MPL) is still new enough for many industry people to be suspicious of it. These suspicions will gradually erode as knowledge and experience accumulates, and the MPL will – eventually – become the default way of training to become an airline pilot – possibly with the exception of the USA. The […]

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EZY first to take on piloting BSc undergrads

Working with UK-based flight training organisation CTC and Middlesex University, EasyJet is going to be the first airline to embrace pilot graduates of the newly accredited BSc in Professional Aviation Pilot Practice. Successful applicants will find the first two parts of the training course run by CTC is virtually the same as it would be […]

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UK pilot trainees to get student loans

Starting in September, aspiring UK commercial pilots will be able to apply for student loans up to £14,500 a year for their three-stage ab-initio pilot training course.  If that sounds too good to be true, you can find the details at the Aviation Skills Partnership website. The course, which will take place at any accredited UK […]

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Learning to fly the A350XWB at Toulouse

If you go to Airbus for your A350XWB type rating training, you’ll have some fun. Officially. Since modern aeroplanes are racks of computers surrounded by an airframe that’s actually just an ordinary aircraft, Airbus has studied the way  in which people – especially children- learn to operate a  new electronic device, and modified its A350 […]

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