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The death of the aerodrome control tower

Do air traffic controllers really need to look out of the window in a control tower to manage traffic at an airport? That’s a question UK air navigation service provider NATS is now asking in a recent blog post. The company knows it can’t ignore the advances in remote tower technology that are already available, and […]

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Pilots and ATCOs: who needs them?

If you’re an airline pilot, how long before you’re replaced by automation? … or evicted from the flightdeck and consigned to a remote workstation to “fly” your aeroplane(s) remotely, like military pilots controlling a drone? Is the money you’re investing in a $150,000 ATPL course going to be worth it? Find out here (unless you […]

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Michael O

Revealed: How to run an airline

Somebody has noticed that all is not well in the world of airlines, and has deduced that good management practises might help. They’ve written a book about it. Is it just me, or is there is an insidious implication here that most airlines are badly managed? The main theme, I gather from the blurb, is that […]

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