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Pilot lock-out

As soon as I had written the two previous entries about the push toward single-pilot flightdecks, the story broke about the Air India captain being locked of the cockpit by a faulty door. The copilot diverted the aircraft and landed safely.Can you imagine what the skipper felt like? He was still the aircraft commander, even […]

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Single-pilot flightdeck – the answer to flightcrew shortage?

“They” have been talking for some time about single pilots flying widebody freighters. But all of a sudden the talk is no longer restricted to cargo aircraft. The theory was this:  Technology could easily make single-pilot airliners possible, but the industry needs a non-controversial way of slipping the idea into the system. Freighters could provide […]

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Single-pilot jumbo jets just around the corner

It’s official: the industry is working toward an airline flight deck that can safely be operated by a single pilot. And if it’s extended long-haul, an augmented crew would be two pilots: one on the flight deck and the other resting. A team led by Thales Avionics, consisting of many other high-profile European companies plus […]

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