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Piloting the shortest hop

After 24 years of linking remote communities in Scotland and its islands, Loganair pilot Stuart Linklater flew the shortest scheduled airline route in the world for the last time on Sunday, 26 May. He’s retiring to fly part-time for the airline out of Glasgow. Stuart has flown the world’s shortest route - between the Orkney islands […]

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Bumming a ride

The fake Italian pilot who has been in the news for making it through security onto flights just by wearing a pilot uniform and carrying a false ID says he was imitating the character played by Leonardo diCaprio in the Spielberg movie Catch Me If You Can.  The diCaprio character was based on an real […]

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Flight powered by fish and chips

Why does it please me that the used oil in the deep fat fryer from which my fish and chips has just been retrieved will power a Finnair Airbus A319? Or maybe, eventually, any number of flights with other aeroplanes and airlines.  This is a Lufthansa Airbus A321 having its right wing tank filled with a 50/50 mix of ordinary […]

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Rolls-Royce shares recover to pre-QF32 price

I got a call from Rolls-Royce today, which woke me up. The last one was about five years ago. It was Peter Morgan, the engine manufacturer’s director of corporate affairs. Perhaps, I hoped, he was finally going to give me some information relevant to the ongoing inquiry into the Qantas QF32 accident – the one in […]

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Contaminated air: it’s not just aeroplanes…

This is about a comment that was appended recently to my blog “The toxic subject that won’t die”. It doesn’t matter, it seems, whether the gas turbine powers a ship or an aeroplane. It can, as Troy Moeller says, “blow atomised synthetic lube oil all over you”. And then you lose your job and your health. […]

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The toxic subject that won’t die

Two television stations, one German and one Swiss, have begun their own investigation in the face of consistent denials by airlines that passengers and crew are routinely exposed to neurotoxins, and have proved that it is true. I have blogged about this before. And we have investigated the subject ourselves and found it to be […]

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