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Asiana: one of several similar events

The Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 accident at San Francisco is one of several events that emphasise the need to review, in precise detail, what the effects of high levels of aircraft automation are, not only on the way pilots carry out their task, but also how they perceive their role in the control of the […]

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What Daily Mail passengers worry about on a BA flight

On 20 December a British Airways Airbus A321 flight from Heathrow to Glasgow suffered a serious cabin air contamination event. The pilots felt dizzy and, worried about losing consciousness, donned their oxygen masks, declared an emergency and rapidly returned to LHR where they were met by full emergency services and paramedics. The landing was fine. […]

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G-YMMM: could the crew have done any more?

After an accident, pilots always discuss whether a crew could have done more even if they appear to have done a good job. It’s not usually vicious or critical, it normally feels more like pilots experimenting with ideas about how they might handle a situation like it if they were to meet one themselves.   The crew of flight […]

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