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Edging out Southwest by a fraction of a point

Skybus sneaks a few flyers by Southwest in its home town.

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And biggy makes two

US Airways matches United’s fee on extra checked bags – and its special exemptions for elite level flyers as extra or ‘ancillary’ charges catch on

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Amid merger-mulling, Delta speaks – however briefly

Delta executives break silence on the possible Northwest merger – and what they have to say suggests that the deal may wait a while.

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US Airways hopes that flying Redeye roundtrips coast to coast under cover of darkness will take off.

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From the soapbox

Amidst the debates on who should merge with whom, the possibility of more ambitious combinations suggests itself.

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Far from the holy Hudson

Hip New York native JetBlue builds up far from home

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Open Skies opens a little

BA’s Open Skies says it’s JFK-Paris.

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Consolidation, a capital concern

Hillary Clinton is wary of airline mergers and Barack Obama is way of all mergers, as are many in Washington.

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Do you like it when she talks that way?

Virtual assistant Jenn brings a middle ground between the ‘net and real people to the Alaska Airlines site

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Ups and downs down in Carolina

The Upstate and the Low Country mark extremes.

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