Edging out Southwest by a fraction of a point

Unbeatable Southwest may have been beaten, sort of. The carrier has been top dog in Ohio’s capital city, Columbus, for a long time, 20070623-060944.jpg but the new pup in town, Skybus, has edged out the low-fares king at the city’s Port Columbus airport. In January, Skybus had 19.5% of the Columbians using the airport, while Southwest had 19.1% of the 588,000 people using the airport that month. That was the busiest January in the airport’s 78-year history, said David Whitaker, vice president of business development and communications. Skybus started up in May 2007, and has boosted traffic at other airports as well. For instance, the Piedmont Triad Airport in North Carolina winston-box.gif saw a 20% boost in passengers in January, almost all of them on Skybus. Skybus has made the airport a focus city, and Allegiant has also drawn bargain hunters. The Triad, for those of you who were salem_green_label.jpg wondering and hoping to distinguish it from places like the Quad Cities of Iowa and Illinois or the Twin Cities of Kentucky and Tennessee, are Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem. That’s one city, with two names, and they tell you all you need to know about the big industry that put the town on the map.

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