One man’s meat

One man’s meat is another’s ham? Well, you do have to be careful, eating while in the road, and for those who follow IMG_0872.jpgstricter knish-L.jpgdietary regimes, it’s sometime’s a challenge. The same challenge applies when you’re on a long trip and develop a yen for comfort food, the kind of concoction grandma (yours perhaps, certainly not mine) might make. Well, if you’re from New York or fly through New York, there’s a new New York company that tries to satisfy even the most orthodox of tastes: Kosher Vending Industries. The firm has just signed a contract to put four devices that sell kosher delicacies such as knishes (a sort of dumpling, only more so; see above right) in New York City airports. It will have four at JFK and two in Newark airport.inside_CP.gif Of the four at JFK, two will specialize in a treat that most people like regardless of faith: Nathan’s Famous hot dogs. (Yes, they’re famous, but that’s also part of the name). The vending machines have been in places like hospitals for a while, and one eagle-eyed medical blogger pointed out that the machines have the notice “Hot Nosh 24/6” on them. Does this mean they shut down for the Sabbath? Nope, says the company. They’re just being funny.
On a serious note: since many kosher items meet Muslim standards for food, perhaps this will be a small step (or a big gulp) in the right direction.

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