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Rights and wrongs

The passenger rights movement won’t be derailed in Albany or any other state capital – as long as there’s a Congress.

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Back to his Brazilian routes

Dave Neeleman of JetBlue fame heads to his birthplace, Brazil, to start a new airline

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Weekly world woes

Airlines in the States, Boeing, have little to laugh about

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Face it: It’s everybody’s bag

American hops on Facebook with Travel Bag

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Worst case scenario

Bill Swelbar of the MIT Airline project sees oil and oil prices as an irresistible external force that no airline could have planned for.

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JetBlue’s focus is fair to Disney

JetBlue’s move into Orlando makes up for some cuts the Florida city suffers under Delta trims

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Cut, slash, but no fire sale at Delta

Mum on merger moves, Delta sets route cuts, plane-parkings, job cuts in a gloomy domestic market but says overseas is bright.

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No merger may mean no mania

With a Delta/Northwest deal almost surely off the table, will other possible combinations fade away?

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More storm warnings

Mergers aren’t always the answer, and inded often aren not, even the crisis gets more serious.

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Storm warnings

Major airline chiefs warn dramatically that oil prices will force them to make major changes.

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