Zagreb, here we come

It may be one of those places that Americans muddle together in their mental maps as a sort of lump of Europe,dalmatian-dog-photo_11853.jpg but Croatia is a destination that is now an open skies beneficiary. The US and Croatia signed a bilateral that lifts restrictions on service between the two nations and also allows seventh-freedom cargo rights. Despite the Balkan history of unrest, this area has been peaceful in recent years and has drawn European tourists to its main city, Zagreb, as well as its beaches along the Dalmatian coast. That of course is the reason why Left Field finds this bilateral breakthrough so compelling: it gives folks more chances to visit the (supposed) home of that fine breed of canine, the Dalmatian. The carriers are ready for the rush even though Croatia Airlines’ turboprops carry just 48, not 101, Dalmatians.

United signed a code share with Croatia Airlines windowslivewriterdalmatianfiredog-9f55amy-03-072.jpglast year, and the operator will code share between Zagreb and the two other main cities, Split and Dubrovnik. United will list its O’Hare, LAX, San Francisco and Dulles flights as Croatian code shares. Most flyers to Zagreb will connect through Frankfurt. Croatia is a regional member of Star,.

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