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Delta’s three decades across the Atlantic

It is thirty years since Delta’s first transatlantic flight. Much has changed since 1978.

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United’s Tilton: an oracle speaks

Glenn Tilton modifies his tune – a little. Is the oracle now a sphinx?

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Fleet commonality: Take that, conventional wisdom

It’s not a sow’s ear. It’s a silk purse. really, says Richard Anderson of the fleets that Delta and Northwest won’t have in common.

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Don’t read this blog

The DoT secretary starts her own blog.

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Of beggars and choosers

ExpressJet rebuffs a bidder. We wonder why?

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Alliances still have a use

Continental stands alone – but seeks a new alliance.

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Still angry

American’s pilots haven’t forgotten about the MD80 debacle.

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Why is this site here?

Continental’s new website leaves a few scratching their heads. Stay tuned.

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AWAPPA vs. USAPA, with ALPA in the middle

A new new union at US Airways threatens to sue the other new union at US Airways. Confused? Read on.

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While we were out

We’re back. Did you miss us? (“Yes, Dave, with every bullet.”) Seriously, the last week has been a full one for airline reporters, what with American downsizing at least temporarily and Delta and Northwest agreeing to combine their losses. Here’s a link to a piece or two on the major events.

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