Here’s the guy to blame for those AA groundings

Take that, Gerard! Gerard Arpey that is, the formerly youthful-looking chief executive of Americanamerican-airlines-md-80.jpg Airlines. Now a grey-haired and harried chief executive of American Airlines, Arpey is taking it on the chin from gerardtulsa.jpgthe flying public over hundreds and hundreds of cancellations the carrier was forced to make very suddenly after the FAA said it didn’t like the way American, the nation’s largest airline, had inspected its MD-80s for wiring problems. In addition to public anger and FAA objections, Arpey and the rest of the American executive suite, the airline’s unions have found the re-inspections and cancellations are a new tool to attack the carrier’s management.
Someone- they won’t say who they are but their site links to the union for American’s pilots, the Allied Pilots Association – took out a big ad in USA Today and put up a website that lets people complain 263_gerard_arpey2050081722-9197.jpgabout the way in which American has handled these cancellations (which isn’t very well by most accounts). “Due to mismanagement, our airline doesn’t have enough workers to run dependably, it also doesn’t have enough spare parts to ensure prompt repairs – and with the industry’s second oldest fleet, the need for repairs is more and more frequent. American Airlines needs to reinvest in our airline and do so quickly,” says the ad.
This assault comes after the unions at American mia1.pnglaunched a campaign to draw public attention to the airline’s executive compensation plan. Its Association of Professional Flight Attendants union recently elected a new and more militant leader who will make a major point of opposing and calling attention to these bonus payments.

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