No Fools here at Flight

This is no joke. It may have been April Fool’s day, but we here at Airline Business and indeed at the entire Flight family are a serious lot. Talking with podcaster Addison Schonland of IAG and Flight’s Kieran Daly, we went over some serious issues such as the imminent collapse of Alitalia buyout talks, the sad lost.jpg death of Aloha Airlines and the Heathrow meltdown. As the lost and misdirected bags piled up in BA’s new, shiny, splendid LHR T5 (‘The Crystal Palace of the Twenty-First Century’), just one element of humor seemed to emerge: British Airways, that paragon of efficiency, was turning to a firm in Italy, a country not known for its cultural emphasis on coloring only between the lines, to sort out the lost bags. This from a nation where the post office once chartered special trains to carry undelivered mail around the country until it decided if it would try to deliver the cards and letters. You can hear Kieran, Addison, and LF (Left Field) chat here.Kieran raised the question of BA chief Willie Walsh’s ww.bmp job security, but with Heathrow having been a nightmare since the early days, LF suggested that the genial Irishman (Willie, that is) was safe for some time. We also discuss the latest US safety campaign, called ‘Ground Yourself before Congress Does.’

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