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Maybe next year: the UAL-US Airways deal is off

It’s off, officially. US Airways and United will not dance this year.

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Spiritual Journeys: Vatican chooses Sabre

The Vatican chooses Sabre for its group travel office

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NUTS. Pretzels too, or the shrinking snack

US Airways will cut out free on-board nuts and pretzels

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Antler comeback, or carry on punning

a retort to our post on bag fees

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Yak Yak, hear Left Field talk cuts

Left Field talks about airline cuts, and then American cuts airline routes.

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Broken China: new routes are off, for a while. Or more

Airlines fought over routes to China, but now they’re backing off.

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Sneaking on board: bag fees and more

A few carriers sneak in more ancillary charges as the furore focuses on American’s first-bag fee.

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Bags, bags, bags: who will match American?

American’s fee for a first bag (first, not second) raises eyebrows and ire

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Praise for chairmen past, from AMR’s Crandall to Southwest’s Kelleher

The two big Dallas-based airlines see some big changes.

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Fuel surcharges? What are they using them for?

Corporate travel types ask if fuel surcharges really go to pay for fuel.

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