Neeleman returns to the familiar for his new carrier

No, he’s not blue. That’s just David Neeleman’s new name for his new airline in Brazil, Azul. The JetBlue founder says it “may seem vaguely familiar 953776024_63077ea2dd_o.jpgto American travellers,” and Neeleman also notes that the name wasn’t really his choice (sure, Dave). He says he chose the name from 157,000 entries to his new airline’s website, (Portugese for ‘your choice’), and narrowed the list down to two entries. One was Azul and the other was Samba. Samba actually received more votes, but Neeleman chose Azul anyway. Azul, says Dave, “is a metaphor for security, serenity, loyalty and quality, as well as connoting flight, as the color of the sky.” Neeleman has sent free lifetime passes to the people who entered Azul, but also sent passes to the Sambaistas. The airline itself will begin service sometime early next year, when its Embraer 195s are delivered.
So one can only ask, what is Portugese for “hip”?

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