Sneaking on board: bag fees and more


How to follow: if no one has yet to adopt American’s fee for a first checked bag, that may be because a few stragglers are catching up with the fee for a second bag. The few who hadn’t seemed the use the hubbub to sneak their fee through. Midwest, the former Midwest Express, did so, saying it would start immediately, exempting only its most frequent flyers and military flyers; Frontier Airlines did the same, but also came out with whole list of baggage charge changes that, it said, reflects the economic realities of today’s flying. Frontier is also putting in lighter-weight leather seats, ending its animals in the cabin policy and instituting a few new charges. Among them is a new charge for – drum roll – antlers, accompanied or not. Yes, antlers, as in they were on a moose but then the passenger shot the moose and is bringing home the antlers to mount over the fireplace to impress people with his manliness, bravery, and deep pockets.


The fee fury has raised a few interesting eyebrows: some Internet posters said that American should reduce ticket prices by $15, the amount of the fee, while some said the new policy would create chaos in the overheads. Well, there’s already chaos in the overheads, and we would note that most airlines already have little sizers by the gate and at the check-in counter to see if your bag is too big. Well, then there’s enforcement. Well, here’s the opportunity for the ex-cons among the airline staff…. 

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