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Emerging Egencia – a brand newish name in on-line travel

Expedia’s corporate travel unit is now Egencia – a name that sounds like either a new prescription medicine or spin-off.

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Some Cassandra: Dire airport forecasts draw response

Earth to BTC’s Kevin Mitchell: the sky is NOT falling

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Southwest moves schedules out of the garage

Southwest rolls out new scheduling software, but customers oevrwhelm it anyway

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Passenger rights, labor wrongs in FAA measure

The airline passenger bill of rights is back – and organized labor must love it.

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Capital cuts at American, Eagle

Three state capitals lose their Eagles, along with other cuts.

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US airlines and their tiny market cap

US network airlines’ market cap is might measly.

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Welcome to O’Hare, American flyers. Now complain.

American’s pilot union puts up a billboard at O’Hare. But it’s hardly welcoming.

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United gives its angry pilots something to be angry about

United to furlough pilots

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Critic to Cassandra: Mitchell makes the airline case

Frequent critic Kevin Mitchell of the Business Travel Coalition turns from dumping on the airlines to pleading their case.

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Just once, an airline is nice. But only once.

Delta makes an exception for reasons of ‘goodwill.’

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