Just once, an airline is nice. But only once.


Here’s some unexpected goodwill. But only a little. When the airlines began charging for a second checked bag, as almost all major carriers have, they just went ahead and did it. But now Delta is giving a rebate of its $25 fee for a second checked bag to customers who bought tickets before April 9 and travelled May 5 or later. Atlanta-based Delta posted information on the second bag charge on its website April 9 and made it effective May 5, and flyers who booked tickets before April 9 were not granted a waiver of the checked bag fee. But Delta now says that it is making an exception “in response to customer feedback and as a matter of goodwill.”

 The $25 second checked bag fee is still in effect for passengers who bought tickets April 9 or later. Customers who qualify need to go to delta.com/bagfee and fill out a form to get the rebate. Delta notes sternly that it is a “one-time exception the rules.” And remember that Delta may have to hop on the first checked bag bandwagon, too.

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