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The bag match match and the Piedmont pour: US Airways as expected came out and matched the American fee for checking a first bag, pegging it at $15 – the same as United, which had attached the ancillary charge earlier in the day. But Tempe, Arizona-based US Airways is also rolling out an array of other charges. The most interesting fee: $2 for a can of Coke, Pepsi, or whatever. This is reminiscent of much earlier battle, back when US Airways was still USAir and had just taken over Piedmont (much a better airline, in our not-so-humble opinion.) Back then, it was faced with a choice between Piedmont‘s tradition of giving customers a full (and free) can of Coke, or the USAir cabin service alternative of pouring just a glass of soda for the passenger. After a minor rebellion, it decided to stick with the Piedmont pour – at least for a while.

The menu of charges includes a fee for buying tickets through call centres, a fee that’s a little higher than others.’ US Airways will charge $25 for a domestic ticket and $35 for international ticket. And it’s raising liquor fees to $7 for one of those little plastic bottles. You can hear Left Field talk about the United fee here.


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