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On-line community or another corporate site?

AmEx (finally) launches its on-line business travel community (again).

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Bleak autumn for flight schedules

Autumn schedules look a little anaemic, according to AmEx

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Could the airline downturn erase NYC airport congestion?

It may not be a market solution, but US Airways says the slump will solve New York City congestion.

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Mike Levine looks ahead and sees two airline worlds

Mike Levine asks if we will see a gradual systemic split between leisure and business flying.

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JetBlue’s Barger cuts himself a break, a pay break

Dave Barger, in office since May, 2007, becomes the fourth airline chief to take a pay cut.

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Kayak to be kicked off American Airlines?

Is American taking its fares away from a major aggregator?

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Virgin America: Always different, even in the extras

Virgin America goes with ancillaries on legroom – but with a difference.

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Bankruptcy would be no panacea for US majors

With old fleets gone, bankruptcy is no cure for majors this time around.

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Crandall joins the call: bring ‘em back to the Capitol

Bob Crandall joins a call for Bush to re-convene Congress for an energy debate.

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Trojan virus attack on Upper Midwest airlines

Three airlnes – two in the Twin Cities and one in the Beer City – issue a warning of a Trojan Virus.

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