Left Field on ABC: plenty to say


You’d think there’s nothing new to say about how bad things are for the US airlines, but Left Field can always come up with something. He did the other night on ABC’s World News, one of the nation’s Big Three evening newscasts. The news come on a day when Northwest Airlines was in the headlines after it said it would lay off thousands and also start charging for a first bag and as well as raise ticket-change fees and when US Airways was getting attention with its decision to end many in-flight films.

You can read a text version of the story here, and can, if you click in the right places on the image, get a video version. The reporter is Lisa Stark (left), ABC’s airline and transport reporter – and one of the few knowledge people among the very many in the nation’s electronic media. The report also has bits from Julius Maldutis, the noted airlines analyst, and some US Airways executives.

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