Could the airline downturn erase NYC airport congestion?


So what? The DoT’s new proposals on new slot rules for New York‘s LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark constitute a big docket, but one filing caught our eye as cutting through the Gordian knot. Howard Kass, the US Airways guys in Washington made his filing and, unlike most of the other many commenters, said he wouldn’t go through the reasons why this idea of taking landing slots away from airlines and then selling them back was a not a good one. Instead, he said “we simply ask the DoT and the FAA to step back, look round and observe the current state of the airline industry.”



Carriers are cutting and the like and “because of the steps taken by the carriers, the fact is that as we move into the fall and winter seasons and beyond, many of the congestion problems cited by the Department will simply no longer be an issue….In the end, the current oil/economic crisis will do far more to solve congestion than any current Department initiative.” To read his and other comments: when the link takes you to the search homepage, under ‘Dockets’ enter FAA-2008-0517.


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