Lowering the barriers to airline investment


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Why now? You may well ask why anyone would debate foreign investment in US airlines at a time like this. Perhaps it’s the fact that The US of A is abut to celebrate its national Independence Day, or perhaps it’s the fact that people are running out of ways to influence the debate.

Anyway, Left Field went on CNBC, a national cable news network that is quite closely watched in stock trading offices and the like, and took the ‘pro’ position. Our friend (yes, another fiend) Mike Boyd., the silver-tongued, aphorism-popping Colorado consultant, took a different tack. Mike’s point was that the US airlines were so fouled up that it wouldn’t make any difference, while my point was that US airlines were so fouled up that it could make a difference. Click above to see a replay of the debate. Left Field is the good-looking one.

The timing is perhaps ripe, with the board chairman of British Airways writing that his company would like to see the barriers fall, and with Canada moving toward lowering its limits on foreign investment in its airlines. Left Field recently discussed this on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition. 

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