Vegas airport controversy: Left Field weighs in


This is not Left Field. This is a woman named Martha MacCallum, who co-hosts a show on Fox News television called the Live Desk, and she and fellow blond Trace Gallagher had Left Field on the other day. Because Live Desk is a steady stream of talking heads, they don’t archive it, but Left Field was talking about how bad things are for the airlines in general and about the airport in Las Vegas, city of sin, sand and ‘gaming’.

Seems the city fathers and mothers there want to renovate and expand Terminal Three at McCarran International, but at the last minute, Southwest Airlines decided that the development would cost just too much. Southwest has long led the industry in keeping a cap on airport expenses, but Las Vegas is unique in its appeal domestically and internationally. We’re sorry you can’t see the debate, but trust us, it was profound, insightful and full of wisdom.

For the record, they voted to go ahead with the Terminal Three contract, but the decision leaves unaddressed the question of a new Las Vegas airport at Ivanpah.

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