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Zoom zaps flights, strands San Diego

San Diego’s single-runway airport suffers another airline blow.

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Airline trip tips for transatlantic twin towns

MetroTwin, metrotowns: users to give trip tips through new BA site

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FAA, New York, airports, all in slot solution suit

Showdown looms between the feds and New York, airlines over landing slot auctions.

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Southwest’s scalpel: scattered pockets of pain

Southwest’s selective scalpel still cuts a wide swath

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‘Next gen’ travellers, often older, now Internet-reliant

You don’t have to be a kid to use the Internet to travel

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Air fares already up, aiming higher

Yes, fares are up. And that’s just the beginning.

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Air-traffic decay, airport chaos: attention must be paid

The dinos are watching you, Mr. Obama. Elvis, too.

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US aviation crisis: word gets out

Left Field talks to Polish cable television

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Talking aircraft, not crashes

Left Field talks about the MD-80, but not the Madrid crash, to TV.

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Mineta – the airport – raises hopes, lowers rents

San Jose’s Mineta caught in the same vise as other SF Bay area airports

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