Dulles trains eyes away from the ‘Mobile Lounge’

They showed off a new underground tram system out at Dulles airport the other day, the first stage of nifty automated pe

ople mover that will speed through underground tunnels to get flyers from the main terminus out to the airport’s remote or midfield concourses. It’s $1.4 billion undertaking, started back in 2002, and the system won’t open until the fall of 2009. It’s something people at Dulles have waited for for a long time, because right now if you’re going international or flying on many flights of the airport’s main carrier, United, or anyone else out in the D Terminal, you have to get on a lumbering 1962-era mobile lounge –a diesel truck with a room on top – that takes you out to the gates. The airport has 49 of the old behemoths, but they aren’t going anywhere.  

3462369_cc3be93e85.jpgYou’ll still ride on them from an overseas arrival up to the airport’s relatively new international arrivals hall. One of them is here at right. So despite the hoopla, the fast (42 miles per hours) train is not exactly on a fast track to arrival.

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