Kayak kicked off American Airlines, sheds no tears


Okay, we warned you the other week: American Airlines and kayak.com were feuding and Kayak could be booted off of American. Or more literally, American fares could be taken off of kayak.com, a meta-crawler that searches and compares website fares. It was using Orbitz.com as a tool to get to the American data, and American objected. American was angry that kayak.com, along with its sister site, sidestep.com, showed results from various sites such as cheaptickets.com as well as from AA.com, the airline’s own site. AA.com has a lowest-fare guarantee and in fact was one of the first airline websites to offer one.

This has not deterred Steve Hafner, the Kayak founder, who says he has big plans. He gave an interview to an on-line travel forum

in which he outlines them.steve.gif Here is Steve, again, just because kayak.com has a much better image of its boss than a camera does. Hafner (‘CEO Steve,” as the kayak.com site calls him) was a founder of Orbitz, by the way.


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10 Responses to Kayak kicked off American Airlines, sheds no tears

  1. Nosu November 30, 2008 at 7:37 pm #

    No tears?

    But it will hurt the travellers–they’ll have to spend about 5x the time they used to spend to find and book tickets.

    Maybe it serves them right? Consumers who want to squibble and scream about $3 are probably not customers anyone wants anyway.

    Time to accept that It is consumer behaviour driving an environment that makes it harder to find the best airline fares.

    Consumers suck when they want everything for free.

  2. sam January 29, 2009 at 1:55 am #

    yea the travelers will suffer

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