Kids? Planes? They just don’t mix, say frequent flyers



You already knew this, but it bears repeating: frequent flyers and small children don’t mix. Or at least the frequent flyers wish they wouldn’t. One flyer site, airfarewatchdog, just did a survey, an admittedly unscientific one, but they got back some strong response that kids, particularly very small ones, should be in a separate section in the airliner cabin. The survey asked 10,000 people, (a fare, or fair, sample) ‘would you like to see a section of the plane reserved for parents with babies?’ Over half, some 58%, responded ‘Yes, they should have done this a long time ago’ and another 27% said it was a good idea ‘but they never will and it’ll never work.’ Just 15% said it was bad idea. At lefta and above is our favorite kid.

The site went on to advise people to fly with noise-canceling headphones, sit in the exit rows, where small people are banned, and take a very early morning flight. Our friend Dave Castelveter of the airlines’ trade group, the ATA, is telling anyone who will listen that separate seating is a bad idea because it’s not workable, but we’re tempted to repeat the warnings of the Southwest flight attendant who used to say, “For those traveling with small children or someone just acting like one…”

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