Left Field talks air travel on Fox

Left Field gets on the late news, with the Washington Fox News outlet, Channel Five, featuring a shot of our blog from the other day, Bleak Autumn for Flight Schedules (II). Seems that OAG’s report of some 60 million seats disappearing this winter caught their eye and they came by. The same channel caught Left Field at Washington‘s Reagan National Airport back in June, when we were headed for a low-cost airlines conference in Florida. Fox 5, which likes to show its independence from Uncle Rupert’s larger Fox farm, runs its news an hour earlier than the other Washington network affiliates, and so gets a fairly good viewership. Or so we hope.  At left, definitely NOT Left Field, but Melanie Alnwick, the Fox 5 reporter who schlepped out to National to interview us.                                                              

The OAG report caught the public imagination, as you’ll see by doing a simple Google on OAG.

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