Old-timers will fly for some time


Some of the oldest and longest serving models in the US fleet will be around for a little while longer. Two majors, Delta and Continental, have announced plans that will involve retrofitting and spiffing up a couple of classics. Continental for instance finally got into the lie-flat seat game and said it would be putting nice new bed seats on its international fleet – including its Boeing 757-200 fleet. It’s already putting winglets on all 41 of its 757-200s. And Delta said that it was going to equip pretty much its entire fleet with Aircell’s Gogo broadband service by sometime next year. That means that Delta’s 757s and its 133 MD88/90s will have to be flying for sometime longer.

Delta began taking its 75s in 1984, while Continental started in ’94; the Houston-based carrier also has the Boeing 757-300, deliveries of which are in this century. The Delta MD88/90 family began to arrive at Atlanta-


based Delta in 1987, but are profit-makers for Delta. The airline uses them as the mainstay on its Atlanta to New York and Hartsfield to Washington National flights.

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